Dr. Michel Vix

Bariatric Surgeon

Hôpital Civil


  • Director Advanced Bariatric Surgery Courses, EITS (European Institute of Telesurgery), Strasbourg (France) since 1996
  • Director Advanced Bariatric Surgery Courses, AMITS (American Institute of Telesurgery), Barretos (Brazil) since 2011
  • Director Advanced Bariatric Surgery Course, AITS (Asian Institute of Telesurgery,Taiwan) since 2007
  • Scientific Co-Director of IRCAD / EITS (ircad.fr / eits.fr) (Institut de Recherche Contre les Cancers de l’Appareil Digestif / European Institute of TeleSurgery) and Member of the Editorial Board of WeBSurg (websurg.com) World Electronic Book of Surgery since 2000
  • Consultant surgeon in Strasbourg University Hospital, Emergency, General and Endocrine Surgery Department since 1996
  • Member of the following associations:
  • AFCE French Association of Endocrine Surgery
  • SOFFCO French and Francophone Society of Obesity Surgery
  • EATS Founding member of the European Association for Transluminal Surgery
  • SFCD French Society of Digestive Surgery