Dr. Barbara Defoort

Bariatric surgeon

AZ Maria Middelares


Dr. Defoort is a bariatric and colorectal surgeon working in the obesity center of AZ Maria Middelares in Gent since January 2015.

Education : general surgery : August 2006 - July 2012 (UGent)

Fellowship :

  • August 2012 - July 2013 : bariatric and colorectal surgery (AZ Sint Jan - Dr. Dillemans and Dr. Feryn)
  • August 2013 - April 2014 : abdominal surgery (UAntwerpen - Prof. Hubens)
  • May 2014 - December 2014 : gastro-intestinal surgery (UZ Gent - Prof. Pattyn)

Bariatric surgery : In the obesity clinic of AZ Maria Middelares patients with obesity can have a treatment. A team of coördinators, surgeons, gastro-enterologists, endocrinologists, revalidation doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians and psychologists is at their service.

Team of surgery

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