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Cairo University hospital (Kasr Al Ainy), the palace built by Ahmed Ibn Al Ainy, in the years (A.D.1466-1468) by the Nile shore in the area known till now as Mouth of Khalig. This palace played an important part in the history of Cairo and Egypt which extends till now. It was used as a governmental building, a Chateau, a military hospital and a primary school till the year 1837. Mohamed Ali Pasha introduced the European military system in Egypt and wanted to provide it with the medical aid. He assigned Dr. Clot Bey, from France to establish a medical school in Abu Za'abal to prepare doctors for the army in the year 1827. It was after 10 years that the medical school was transferred to Kasr Al Ainy as a medical school and hospital. Kasr Al Ainy witnessed all the changes that occurred in Egypt till now, serving all the Egyptians and non-Egyptians.

Kasr Al Ainy Medical School is now one of the largest and most prestigious medical schools in Africa, Middle East and the Arab Region.

It includes:

  • 36 departments
  • 44 specialized units
  • 5500 beds
  • 11 hospitals

Which serve approximately more than two million patients a year with 280.000 surgeries done yearly

With huge number of physicians includes :

  • 3347 staff member
  • 9687 undergraduate
  • 8856 postgraduate students.
  • And also 11000 non physician employees


Dr. Mohamed Diaa Sarhan

Bariatric Surgeon



Dr. Ahmed Abdelsalam

Bariatric Surgeon