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AZ Sint-Jan Brugge


The AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV Hospital in Bruges (Belgium) is a hospital where every single patient gets basic to very specified medical care. The hospital invests in excellent healthcare for patients. This is only possible by paying attention to professional development and cooperation between different doctors. The hospital brings a work environment that lets its co-operators be creative and stimulates improvement. Every co-operator gets the opportunity to guarantee quality care for each patient.

The AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV Hospital in Bruges, Belgium is celebrated as one of the world's leading academic hospitals.

St-Jan's has 1100 beds, a combined total of 200 physicians and surgeons, and over 2100 staff members. This modern high tech hospital boasts a formidable list of facilities.

Mission and vision
  • Innovative
  • Reference
  • Healthcare
  • For everyone
Facilities include
  • 15 operating theatres equipped with the newest technology
  • A cardiac care and bypass center
  • State-of-the-art laboratory
  • 40 bed intensive care unit equipped with shock lung ventilators
  • A 6 man decompression chamber
  • A helicopter
  • The only dual arm “da Vinci” robotically assisted laparoscopic microsurgical unit
  • Emergency department
  • Center of Obesity Surgery

The emergency department, paramedics and the 40-bed intensive care facility are staffed 24 hours a day with onsite resident cover. A physician will respond to an urgent bed call within 2 minutes day or night. The hospital carries out the latest surgical procedures with confidence.

Center of obesity Surgery

The Center of Obesity Surgery in the AZ Sint-Jan Hospital in Bruges (Belgium) is directed by Dr. Bruno Dillemans.

Dr. Dillemans already performed more than 15.000 successful bariatric surgeries (mainly for weight loss).

The Gastric Bypass (GBP) is the most performed kind of surgery. It is considered as an important key for durable weight loss and the maintenance of the quality of life. The technology of the GBP was fully standardized by Dr. Dillemans, what shortens the duration of hospitality and the chance of complications.

The Sleeve Gastrectomy is also on its way to become successful. It leads to excellent results.

Surgeons from all over the world are visiting him and his team in Bruges, to learn all the tips and tricks to improve the outcome. His Center of Obesity at the Hospital AZ Sint-Jan AV in Bruges, Belgium, has become a referral center for bariatric surgery and redo surgery (mostly conversions from Gastric Bands to RNY Gastric Bypass procedures) for patients coming from all continents.


Dr. Dillemans

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Bruno Dillemans is the Chief of Staff of the Department of General Surgery at AZ Sint-Jan in Brugge, Belgium. He is an experienced Bariatric Surgeon who already performed more than 10.000 procedures. He is also the Founder and Head of...

Dr. Van Cauwenberge

General, Bariatric & Pediatric Surgeon

Staff member of the Department of General Surgery AZ Sint-Jan AV

Dr. Jan Paul Mulier


Anesthesiologist at AZ Sint-Jan Bruges-Ostend AV Chief of Staff Department of Anesthesiology

Dr. Joeri Taes


The endocrinologist makes an evolution of the seriousness of the obesity based on the BMI, the outline of the waist, a general physical examination and a blood test. The doctor checks if there are hidden illnesses of the obesity (for example: thyroid and...

Viviane Verhulst

Coordinator of Center of Obesity

The coordinator guides the patient through the entire process and is the contact person for general information and questions. The planning, organization and support for scientific work also belong to her responsibilities.

Evie Schelstraete

Coordinator Fellowships - BARIAlink

The coordinator guides the surgeons from all over the world who are interested to follow an educational program and training in bariatric surgery and specific in revisional and complicated bariatric surgical. Evie also coordinates the BARIAlink project.

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