36th BARIAlink Academy

Organized by: AZ Sint-Jan Brugge

Categories: BARIAlink Academy

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Case 1 : Undo RNY Gastric Bypass due to persistent severe dumping syndrome - Dr. Bruno Dillemans from AZ Sint Jan Brugge Belgium 

    Case 2 : RYGB via hypoglycemia to sleeve via reflux to LINX, and now? - Dr. Plamen Staikov from Krankenhaus Sachsenhausen Frankfurt German

    Case 3 : Dysphagia after revisional surgery for stenosis of GI anastomosis in RNY Gastric Bypass - Dr. Carlos Ferrigni from Hospital Rey Juan Carlos Madrid Spain

    Case 4 : Shortening and plication of the entero-enterostomy after an Intussusception : a new surgical option - Dr. Bruno Dillemans from AZ Sint Jan Brugge Belgium

    Case 5 : Circular stapled laparoscopic oesophagojejunal anastomosis for large gastrojejunal leak after conversion of Sleeve Gastrectomy to RYGB - Dr. François Pattou from Centre  Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Lille France

      Case 6 : Single anastomosis duodenoileal bypass for weight regain after RNY Gastric Bypass - Dr. Antonio Torres from Hospital Clinico San Carlos Madrid Spain

      Case 7 : Internal hernia after SASI - Dr. Ahmed El-Masry from Arab Contractors Medical Center Egypt

      Case 8 : Therapy resistant reflux and gastroparesis in type I diabetes patient after Sleeve Gastrectomy - Dr. Bruno Dillemans from AZ Sint Jan Brugge Belgium