If you want to submit a case, please take note of some important remarks :

  • All patients information has to be removed (e.g. birth date, name, patient number,…)
  • As each case needs some essential information, we made a template where you can easily insert your slides. (template in attachment)
    • The template is divided in 3 parts : pre-, per-, and post-operative cases. You can use the slides you need and remove the other ones.
    • On every slide there is place to put your logo.
    • You can add slides if necessary
    • Technical investigations : lab, X-ray, endoscopy, CT, MRI, … : Preferable dynamic view, GOOD quality : if possible, put your comments on the video
    • Surgery : video (GOOD quality) : recording of the procedure

You can download the attached template.

You can send your case by email to petra@barialink.com, evie@barialink.com, info@barialink.com or via www.wetransfer.com

Thank you for submitting your case