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Bariatric Surgery is a relatively new surgical subdiscipline, with scientific interest in the subject rapidly increasing, as well as the number of surgeries being performed worldwide.

The ever-changing nature of the discipline
Preferred bariatric procedures have quickly changed, and training has not always been carried out for long enough, or to a high enough standard for surgeons entering this appealing new domain.

Including reversals, revisions and conversions
As such, a broad spectrum of corrective-surgery including reversals, revisions and conversions has become necessary, but they are technically more challenging and are accompanied with a higher morbidity and mortality.

Barialink consists of
two actively connected pillars

BARIAlink Academy

The academy is a monthly virtual classroom led by a body of 25 active centers and joined by a growing surgical community worldwide. Any interested center* or specialist can attend by signing up and logging in to the online platform.

Each session covers 8 to 10 complex and interesting case studies, submitted by the community and reviewed in advance by a scientific committee.

BARIAlink Library

All the cases and subjects submitted and discussed at BARIAlink Academy are stored online in the BARIAlink library.

Each case is fully documented, including X-rays, videos and, uniquely, longitudinal follow-up information regularly added by the submitting center. This information, along with complete recordings of all BARIAlink academy sessions, and a comprehensive directory of all participating centers is instantly available through the BARIAlink Library, from any device, anywhere in the world.

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Latest most interesting
Bariatric cases
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Stage: Postoperative
RYGB: Common complication with uncommon presentation
Stage: Peroperative
Laparoscopic vertical gastric clip B-Clamp(TM) for weight loss
Stage: Preoperative
An Obese Lynch Syndrom
Members of
the Scientific Committee
Dr. Bruno Dillemans
Bariatric surgeon at AZ Sint-Jan Brugge

The Centre for Obesity and Metabolic Chirugy in the AZ Sint-Jan in Bruges is led by Dr. Bruno Dillemans. Dr. Dillemans has already performed more than 15,000 successful bariatric or obesity (= aimed at weight loss) surgeries.

Dr. Donald Van Der Fraenen
Bariatric Surgeon at ASZ Aalst-Geraardsbergen-Wetteren

Dr. Donald Van Der Fraenen is already from the beginning involved in the start-up of BARIAlink. He is also interested in minimal invasive colorectal surgery. In addition, he has recently followed a training of the Da Vinci Robot, and hopes to develop the robotic assisted bariatric and colorectal surgery.

Dr. Shashank Shah
Bariatric Surgeon at Laparo Obeso Centre

Dr Shashank Shah is a pioneer and leading Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeon in India. He is a renowned General and Laparoscopic Surgeon with an experience of more than 30.000 surgeries performed so far over the last 34 years.